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But What About Me?

Jul 17, 2019


Networking is an essential component of a job search and career strategy. In this episode we tackle the art of networking for introverts with career coach, corporate HR professional, public speaker and self proclaimed introvert, Erich Kurschat. Erich shares how introverts can master networking without feeling disingenuous or overwhelmed. He breaks down the dos and don’ts that have worked for him and other introverts alike. For more information about Erich visit


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Episode Highlights:

[05:50] Misconceptions About Introverts 

[09:31] Networking like an Introvert 

[13:56] How Being an Introvert Can Work in Your Favor 

[22:21] Making a Connection 

[26:17] Actionable Steps to Mastering Networking 

[34:25] Avoiding the Burnout of Networking

[39:36] The One Question You Should Ask 

[48:54] Well Known Introverts

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: